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Work your spiritual growth, applying the story of Elijah to your own life!

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"The Lord never judges anyone except from good; for He desires to raise all into heaven... for the Lord is mercy itself and good itself, [thus] can never condemn anyone; but it is the man who condemns himself, because he rejects good. "

(Arcana Coelestia 2335:3)

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  • Descriptions of the Divine (Small Group Bible Study)

    The Bible has many metaphors for God: shepherd, king, healer, warrior, and the Word to name a mere few. This small group study explores these metaphors. Gather some friends together and utilize this small group outline as structure and a starting point for a small group study and discussion on the topic (also great for individual study, or with a partner).

  • Finding Our Humanity - Dealing With Our Shadow

    We all have two parts ... a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a part that is loving, kind, considerate and another part of our personality that is angry, resentful, and at times cruel. How do we honestly look at that shadow in a way that brings healing?
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  • Beginning a New Life With the Lord

    Does it even seem possible to make a real and lasting change in your life?
    Pastor: Rev. Malcolm Smith
    Type of Event: Worship Service: Westville, Republic of South Africa
    Date Recorded: 17 Aug, 2014 Play Audio (MP3)

  • What's One Thing You Can Do for a Happy Marriage?

    There's a lot of change that could make you a better person, or have a happy marriage. Changing yourself is daunting. What's one thing that could make a difference?

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